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"Angela has healing hands!" Dr. Patricia Bragg

Palm Beach, FL


"Angelina is terrific.  She not only is a wonderful massage therapist but always sends off warm and positive vibes.  I think she is a rare gem!

Sam Feldman, Palm Beach, FL


"Angela is a treasure. Her massages are the best. I have been receiving massages for over 30 years. Angela is the tops. If you are looking for an experienced, highly trained, aware massage therapist, Angela is world class.

Florence Kapoor, Delray Beach, Fl

"Angela’s touch is 100% loving and nurturing. It feeds the body and the soul. It’s hard to find words that describe the experience.......I love love love being massaged by her!

Judith Simon, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

"Angela is one of the most talented massage therapists I've ever worked with."

Anni Johnston, Boca Raton, Fl


"Angela Ahmadi is the first massage therapist to truly address my chronic pain and make difference in the quality of my life! Her intuitive, healing hands know just where to go to release pain and tension and help re mobilize and truly heal my body!  I highly recommend her!

Felicia Rose Jupiter, Fl

"Excellent, caring and skilled massage therapist!"

Gurunam Khalsa, West Palm Beach, Fl


"Angela is an amazingly caring and nurturing massage therapist. I would highly recommend her for anyone suffering from chronic pain or for a truly relaxing experience. She is a very genuine person who cares not just for the physical but the whole person, inside and out. Thank you, Angela!"

Christopher O., Port St. Luci, FL

"My name is Cindy Paine my work and a book I have written is all about Self Love. I can not think of anything more self loving then to get a massage from Angela. I so look forward to getting on her table and the hour we spend together. She is absolutely wonderful to be with and her massage is the best I have ever had! Angela is a master at what she does and has healed and nurtured every part of my body. If you are reading this do not hesitate to give yourself the gift of regular massages with Angela. You deserve this!!"

Cindy Paine, Palm Beach Gardens, FL



"We have known Angela for six years and use her services regularly. We NEVER tell Angela if we are injured and yet she ALWAYS figures it out during the session. She is truly a healer! She is an amazing masseuse. Angela is a true professional."

Jill & Brad Kaufman, Palm Beach, Fl



"I have been blessed with the pleasure of Angela's healing hands for 6 years. I have been fortunate enough to travel and indulge in massage treatments regularly for many years. Angela's grace and technique are unmatched! Not only has she helped me heal from sports-related injuries and the stress of long shifts on my feet as a nurse, she is my regular stress relief. Not only is her loving care relaxing, but therapeutic on a physical and spiritual level. I have shared her gifts with many friends and family members that sing along in praise. Her talent is truly amazing..."

Diane Krueger, Jupiter, FL



"I knew Angela had healing hands after just 1 minute of her rubbing my tennis injured forearm.  Right after she rubbed through the pain, it left and stayed gone ever since.  Since then, I scheduled a full body massage trusting that Angela was quite the intuitive masseuse.  She released painful blocks that were hiding in my back and physically unblocked me.  I felt deeply relaxed, lighter and stronger after my massage and I'm glowing again, from the inside out.  

Let me tell you how rested and relaxed my body felt and my mind from my massage with Angela.  My body and mind were so quiet after receiving a massage that I took a sweet peaceful nap that left me feeling euphoric and relaxed.  I never take naps.  And when relaxing after dinner I fell into a deep meditative trance.  Then I had the best night of sleep ever. "

Sunny Arfa, Boca Raton, FL  



"As an extremely satisfied client of Angela Ahmadi for over 6 years, I can recommend her with no reservations.  I came to Angela after unsuccessful recuperation from numerous surgeries resulting from an auto accident.  Constant pain was drastically interfering with my life.  Angela’s intuitive and sensitive style began to give me much needed relief.  I consider Angela a gifted healer.  Due to her consistent understanding of what needed to be addressed, her knowledge of what to do, her dependability, concern, support, encourgement and love, I am back on the road to wellness.  She is one of our Earth Angels!"

Brenda Star, President,StarGroup International, West Palm Beach, Fl  



"I did a number on my shoulder and back in the gym and was in excruciating pain, to the point that I could barely sleep. My massage therapist Angela was very in tune with my injury and worked an absolute miracle on me. I've been to spas all over the world and this is the first time I can honestly say that the massage therapist treated me more like a holistic doctor than someone giving a back rub. I appreciated her attention to my injury and knowledge of the body. (I made two more appointments right away)"

                                                                       Vaughn L., Boca Raton, Fl



"I began seeing Angela after I was in a car accident and was suffering from severe whiplash. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with her massage skills and techniques and how grateful I am to her for being so understanding, kind, caring, and genuine with me. I've had several massages in the past, but I can say that Angela is by far the best. She is obviously dedicated to her craft and really, truly cares about her clients. Not only is she a great masseuse, she is a wonderful person. I normally don't gush with compliments, but Angela deserves it and earned it - 100%. I highly recommend her services, without reservation. Anyone wanting the "live" testimonial is welcome to contact me by email:"

        Leigh Cowden, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"I've been a frequent customer of Angela Ahmadi for the past three years. My career as an IT professional requires that I spend very long hours sitting hunched over a desk staring into a screen.  That reality has led to chronic back pains I relieve with massage therapy.  Over the last 10 years I’ve consulted many masseuses looking for the right person.  I found that person three years ago when Angela and I met. 

I knew from the first session Angela was an excellent masseuse.  Over the years she has consistently proven herself to be reliable, professional, and incredibly competent.  She pays close attention to the details essential in achieving an enjoyable and relaxing experience.  She takes the time needed to get to know her customer and gauge their individual needs."

                                                        Nelson S., Weehawkin, NJ


"Let me begin by saying that I consider myself to be a very well traveled individual, and during the course of these travels I have had the good fortune of receiving spa treatments in some of the best resorts in the world such as the Canyon Ranch Spa, The Four Seasons, and the Ritz Carlton.  While these world class spas are second to none, there is one thing that they didn’t have which would make them even better, and that is Angela.

Without trying to denigrate any other massage therapist skills, I must say that Angela is far and away the best masseuse I have ever had.  Aside from having great hands, Angela has other traits which are equally as important.  Her demeanor is calm and soothing, her manner is polite and professional, and her enthusiasm for her craft is clear.  I have had a chronic bad back for many years, and thanks to Angela, I have seen tremendous improvement in my condition, and for this I am eternally grateful.  I am also an avid golfer, and, with Angela’s treatments, I have seen my performance improve dramatically.  I would always make sure to see Angela as part of my preparation for a tournament or golf trip in order to increase my flexibility , as well as afterwards to accelerate my healing process."

                                                   John G., East Rutherford, NJ


"I have known Angela both personally and professionally for over 5 years. As an athlete, both golf and soccer, I am constantly sore and always in need of massage therapy. After complaining to a friend that I can’t find a decent therapist in our area, he quickly referred me to Angela and for the next five years I have never felt better.

 Angela always found a way to fit me into her schedule even at the last minute when I really needed massage therapy. Angela is a wonderful, caring and very thoughtful woman."

                                                            Gene M., Hoboken, NJ


"I train for marathons which is naturally very taxing on one's body, and my body is no exception.  Angela, has been fantastic in helping me get ready for each marathon and helping me recover post-race along the way.  She learned my body very quickly, needing no instruction from me.  Angela has always been able to pick up on what is hurting, sore, etc. and fix me up.  I have even joked with her that she is better able to tell where I'm sore than i am.  Indeed, each marathon that I have trained for since beginning with Angela has been faster than the previous, and not because I'm getting younger.

She has never missed an appointment for over 3 years and was never late.  She doesn't watch the clock, but rather takes great pride in her work and in her customer's satisfaction.  Angela could always be counted on to be there when i most need her, even moving around her personal schedule to accommodate me."

                                                         John D., Jersey City, NJ







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